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5 Ways To Stay Sober New Year’s Eve

Oh yes, it can happen. It is possible to stay sober tonight AND have a blast. You don’t have to drink or use. This list includes actions you can take not to prepare yourself for tonight. Change happens from the inside… go ahead and give it a try! STAYING SOBER NEW YEAR’S EVE JUST GOT […]

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First Steps – How To Seek Treatment From Drug Addiction

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” -Tony Robbins Though an estimated 21 million Americans abuse drugs or alcohol, fewer than 2.5 million individuals seek recovery through drug rehab each year. Twenty-one million. That’s more people than the populations of Tennessee, Arizona, and Ohio combined. Chances are that you […]

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Understanding Addiction and the Young Adult Brain

JourneyPure provides treatment starting at age 18 when the adolescent brain is transitioning into the young adult stage. Illicit drug use among teenagers in the United States is on the rise. In fact, three-quarters of high school students have experimented with addictive substances while 46% use the drugs on a regular basis. These figures are […]

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