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You Are Not Alone In Your Struggle With Addiction

This statement might be hard to believe…but it’s true. Addiction robs us of the ability to connect. Being addicted can make you feel like an outsider – even with people around you. Always remember, you are not alone. Do not let your feelings of isolation make you too ashamed to reach out for assistance. Your […]

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The 4 Stages of Recovery

Addiction is a complicated concept that is classified as both a mental illness and a chronic disease. For some, addiction happens quickly. One crazy night of experimentation and the habit was formed. For others, it develops over time. Social drinking on the weekends seems harmless until you realize it is Tuesday and you’re drinking alone. […]

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3 Evidence-Based Treatment Solutions

When addressing the propensity for abusive behavior toward drugs and alcohol the treatment is complex and vary by individual. Since this is a historically social disease attaching itself to human beings regardless of social class or ethnicity, it stands to reason that there are multiple treatment options. Many substance abuse treatments are proven successful, however […]

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