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Phillipe and Making the Most Out of 2nd Chances

I first met Phillipe 4 years ago when working with a rescue horse at a barn in Nashville. Phillipe was beautiful, strong but always grazing in the pastures alone. I would talk to him, groom him, but never had interacted or used a Belgium draft horse. I had my own preconceived notions of draft horses; […]

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Voyage Announces Clinical Director, Tammy Roth

Tammy Roth has agreed to serve as the Voyage Clinical Director. She has significant experience in that role and has been one of our contract therapists. Over the last two months she has expanded her role to that of Clinical Director. Tammy is passionate about the personal aspect of the work she does. “I believe […]

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Developmental Trauma And Why Recovery Seldom Happens Alone

HOW DEVELOPMENTAL TRAUMA AFFECTS OUR BRAINS Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. Left and right. Our left brain is linear, logical and likes to think (a lot!) Our right brain is abstract, creative and emotional. The right brain is also what connects us to other humans. If we have developmental trauma, the right side […]

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How Substance Abuse Works According to Neuroscience

When I was a young grad student studying to be a counselor, never once was it mentioned that my clients would have brains and bodies. Now as a therapist with a couple of decades of practice under my belt, having a client turn into their body and helping them understand how their brain works is […]

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