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Integrated Care ~ Honoring the Earth and Ourselves

Earth Day Integrated Care Honoring The Earth & Ourselves graphic

INTEGRATED CARE ~ HONORING THE EARTH AND OURSELVES BY REFLECTING ON AND HONORING THE EARTH AND THE CONCEPT OF PEACE AND RECOVERY. UNITY  Earth Day is again upon us, and with the transition from Spring into Summer, the energy of rebirth and regeneration is a strong focus.  As citizens of a global community, we continue […]

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5 Unique Needs of Women with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders

5 Unique Needs of Women with Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorders graphic

What works for men in addiction treatment isn’t necessarily the best way to treat women. Why? Biological, social and environmental differences create an environment unique for each sex. At Voyage, a member of JourneyPure’s family of addiction and mental health treatment facilities, we understand that women suffer addiction differently than men. Just as each patient’s […]

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What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Although neurofeedback therapy has been around for decades, maybe people have never heard of it. This type of therapy is based on sound psychological principles, and it’s very effective. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy that re-trains the brain. It is based on the same conditioning principles you might rely on in your daily workout. The […]

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Women, Mental Health and Addiction: What You Need to Know

Everyone sings the blues, but for most individuals, the tune is fleeting and ends within a couple of days. When a woman has a mental health disorder, however, it interferes with life on a daily basis, making it impossible to function normally and healthily. Though depression, anxiety and mental health issues affect both men and […]

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Stepping Into Recovery

Do I Need Help? Co-occurring disorders and addiction touches every area of our life and recovery must also. It begins with rebuilding trust and intimacy with your self and with others. When substance abuse and underlying disorders have taken control of our lives we feel separated from ourselves and from those we love. Integrative treatment for co-occurring disorders and addiction, […]

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