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5 Myths Stopping You from Seeking Treatment for a Mental Health Disorder

5 Myths Stopping You From Seeking Treatment graphic

Can you separate a mental health fact from fiction? Mental health disorders affect one out of every ten Americans, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, yet there are still many hurtful attitudes around mental illness. Because of stigma and discrimination, many individuals suffering from psychological disorders don’t seek the treatment they deserve. It’s […]

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Peace of Mind: Addiction & Alternative Therapies

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On Wednesday May, 20 Voyage of the JourneyPure family will be hosting along with TriStar Behavioral Health as seminar on addiction and alternative therapies. This seminar is free and three continuing education credits are being provided for by Lipscomb University and Wellness 66. ALTERNATIVE AND MODERN METHODS OF TREATMENT Workshops will cover a range of therapies both ancient […]

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7 Surprising Ways to Love and Accept Your Body

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Body punishment.  These two words are frightening. To some, they may even sound foreign, yet chances are that you or someone you know struggles with body image. More specifically, an estimated 20 million women in the United States suffer from a clinical eating disorder. From self-induced vomiting to starvation, many women privately punish themselves to […]

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