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5 Ways Eating Disorders Harm Your Mind and Body

Eating disorders are largely misunderstood by the general population. The term “eating disorder” refers to any of the disorders characterized by eating habits. Disordered eating can include consuming too much or too little on a daily basis. Many people don’t understand that eating disorders are classified as psychological, not physical, and that they are serious […]

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What is Sex Addiction?

Sex Addiction: Demystifying the Disease Yes, sex addiction is a disease as serious and dangerous as any other addiction. It causes great shame, guilt and secrecy. It ruins lives, breaks up families and ends careers. Sex addiction has the added moral stigma that makes it even more uncomfortable to talk about. The solution, as with […]

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When Smoking Marijuana Becomes an Addiction: The Signs, Symptoms and Dangers

The majority of marijuana users are not addicted to the drug. For most, marijuana is a drug considered to be very similar to alcohol in which repeated, regular use is pleasurable and desired, but it’s not necessary to function. However, just like with alcohol, addiction is possible for marijuana users. Understanding the differences between marijuana […]

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