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Pregnancy and Addiction Treatment

Pregnancy and addiction may not seem like they go together, but for some, these become co-existing conditions. Addiction treatment takes many forms since there is no one method that works for everyone. Your drug of choice, genetic makeup and health profile are just a couple elements that make every addiction unique. In some cases, that […]

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Alcohol Consumption Rising Among Mothers

At Voyage, a member of the JourneyPure family of rehabilitation facilities, we understand how differently substance abuse and addiction develops in women versus men. As a woman, you have a multitude of lifestyle factors that may lead you to over consume alcohol or engage in binge drinking. For example, you may experience the unique stressors […]

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Why Childhood Sexual Abuse Can Lead to Substance Abuse in Adults

Childhood sexual abuse is a tragedy nobody should have to endure. Even more troubling is that the effects of such a horrible event can span a lifetime. Understanding how childhood sexual abuse can impact adulthood is important in gaining insight into addiction. What Is Childhood Sexual Abuse? The term “childhood sexual abuse” can be used […]

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Which Came First? Anxiety Disorder or Substance Abuse? The Sometimes Confusing World of Co-Occurring Disorders

It can seem like a true chicken-and-the-egg scenario when considering if anxiety led to substance abuse or vice versa. Every individual is unique, so there is no one answer that can describe everyone’s struggle with addiction and anxiety. However, we can examine the relationship between anxiety and addiction to understand the mechanisms that can affect […]

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