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How to Help Someone with a Mental Disorder

The prevalence of mental illness in the US effects almost everyone. Each year 43.8 million adults experience mental illness. Approximately 10 million of those people find their daily activities limited by that mental illness. The instance of mental illness co-occurring with addiction is about50.5%. Approximately 10.2 million Americans suffering from addiction also have a co-occurring mental illness. The […]

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Should You Tell Your Friends You’re Going to a Treatment Facility?

Deciding to go to a treatment facility can be a complicated decision at best. Then, it comes time to decide who and how you should tell about this life-changing decision. It’s normal to feel stress regarding sharing this information with others, it that stress may not always be necessary. The Decision to Go to a […]

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Unique Needs of Women in Substance Abuse Treatment

Until the early 1990s, men were the primary focus of research conducted on substance dependence and abuse. U.S. agencies finally started requiring studies to be federally funded so more women could enroll. Since then, researchers have found that there are indeed gender differences in certain types of addiction, and substance abuse in women is now […]

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How to Say No to Peer Pressure

Did you just read “peer pressure” and immediately get flashbacks of elementary school? Many people do! While peer pressure is a term commonly used among children, it is something that can affect individuals at any age. Peer pressure can work positively or negatively, but here we will look at how to say no when peer […]

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