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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Substance Abuse

Even if you do not know anything about sexual abuse or substance abuse, you are probably not surprised to learn that there is a connection between them. As an outside observer, you might have noticed that where drugs and alcohol are involved, children are often not safe. Substance abuse can bring out the worst in […]

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Women’s-Only Recovery Programs

Facing addiction can be scary. It takes a lot of courage to come out of the shadows and admit you’re suffering from addiction. Addiction has turned you into someone you do not recognize — someone who hides, lies about her activities and lives with an abundance of guilt and shame every day. Having the strength […]

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Sexual Assault and Drug Abuse in Women

Sexual assault and drug addiction are intrinsically linked. Sexual assault can cause addiction, and addiction can leave you vulnerable to sexual assault. Child abuse can also be part of this cycle — where addiction could cause abuse, and child abuse could develop into addiction later in life. It is good to get the facts about […]

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