Sexual Assault and Drug Abuse in Women

Sexual assault and drug addiction are intrinsically linked. Sexual assault can cause addiction, and addiction can leave you vulnerable to sexual assault. Child abuse can also be part of this cycle — where addiction could cause abuse, and child abuse could develop into addiction later in life. It is good to get the facts about […]

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Coping with Withdrawal During Detox

Many people seeking help for substance abuse fear withdrawal during detox. Although we may not be able to take away all of your fears, both drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal are a necessary part of getting health again. Seeking help from a recovery center includes access to medical care that can keep you safe and […]

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Expression Through Art: The 5 Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy is beneficial during and after treatment. Art therapy refers giving people the tools and freedom necessary to fully express themselves through art, whether it be painting, drawing or using multimedia, like clay. Art therapy is a popular component to addiction treatment and provides many great benefits to supplement sobriety. Art therapy can be […]

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The Top 10 Mental Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a wonderful way to supplement treatment because it is one habit that can be done during treatment and for the duration of one’s life. Finding healthy habits to incorporate into your life after treatment is an ideal way to ensure long-term recovery from addiction or illness. While journaling is helpful to individuals in […]

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Mindfulness in Therapy

One of the toughest aspects of recovery from addiction is the way your mind feels pulled in a million different directions. Even as you struggle to focus on the positives of your treatment and progress, doubt can crop up and overwhelm any acknowledgement of what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed next. It can feel […]

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