How to Say No to Peer Pressure

Did you just read “peer pressure” and immediately get flashbacks of elementary school? Many people do! While peer pressure is a term commonly used among children, it is something that can affect individuals at any age. Peer pressure can work positively or negatively, but here we will look at how to say no when peer […]

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Why Inpatient Rehab Is Better Than Free Rehab Clinic

Deciding to recognize your addiction and seek help in breaking free from the substance-dependent lifestyle is a big step. It takes courage to admit you have made some mistakes and are heading down a wrong path. Taking responsibility for the poor choices you have made is not easy, but taking responsibility for creating a solution […]

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Learn About Flakka, The Dangerous New Drug Craze

Flakka is a relatively new, synthetic drug that has gained notoriety in Australia, and it’s now emerging elsewhere as well. The first reported flakka death was reported in 2012, but they continue to show up in news headlines. While it is still most popular in Australia, there is no reason to believe the drug won’t […]

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The 5 Most Common Legal Over-the-Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are medications that are sold legally in pharmacies and stores without a prescription. These drugs are all approved and regulated by the United States for people ranging from infancy to adulthood. While these medications are considered safe, they do put people at risk of substance abuse or addiction. Over-the-counter drugs, or non-prescription medications, […]

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Pregnancy and Addiction Treatment

Pregnancy and addiction may not seem like they go together, but for some, these become co-existing conditions. Addiction treatment takes many forms since there is no one method that works for everyone. Your drug of choice, genetic makeup and health profile are just a couple elements that make every addiction unique. In some cases, that […]

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