My First Sober Birthday


Every so often we receive a letter from a former patient that truly touches our hearts. It assures us that what we’re doing is helping others. It reminds us that the long hours are completely worth it. Our goal has always been to help women conquer their addictions and acquire the necessary skills to live a life in recovery. Today, we received such a letter.

          Every birthday before today was nothing more than hazy memories and lots of tears. Never remembering if I had a cake, presents or who I celebrated with. Most years I woke up in random places, with random people, only knowing where I had been after checking my bank account and seeing all of the charges. My birthday had become just another day, not a day to celebrate me because I felt as if I was not worthy of celebrating! My life has been out of control for so long that celebrating a birthday just meant free drinks, one less I had to pay for. What I did pay for was my actions. Seeing them the next day in photos or videos because I could not recall the night before.
          All of that changed this year! I woke up this morning, laid in my bed and smiled. I didn’t have a hangover, I didn’t smell like a brewery and I was alone in my own bed! I laid in my bed and cried for a little while because my emotions were so overwhelming, I knew that I was loved and that I was worthy of being celebrated! I woke to texts, phone calls and singing. I felt like God whispered in my ear ” I celebrate you”, and that was all I needed today! I know that my mom could see me from heaven today and was proud of me, she loves me! Today, the day I was born, I was celebrated! I was celebrated by the people that see me for me, that love me and that call me their family! Today God held my hand and loved on me in a way I have never felt before, I am his beloved.
          I will always hold this birthday close to my heart! I will always remember this day of celebration, celebration just for me because I am worthy to be celebrated!

                                                                     -Voyage alumna                                                   Photo via 

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