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Equine Therapy & Addiction Therapy

Equine Therapy in Tennessee for Substance Addiction

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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” — WINSTON CHURCHILL

Addiction is an isolating disease, one that affects all area of life. People suffering from addiction often lose touch with themselves, and their social relationships suffer as a result. A key component of long-term recovery is reconnecting with yourself and learning how to reconnect with others. At JourneyPure Voyage, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that through a customized treatment plan that features a range of therapies.

One of the therapies that may be included in your treatment is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). EAP helps addicts in recovery connect with themselves, their horses and other members of their EAP team. Group EAP challenges participants to work together, communicate and develop solutions to problems common to recovering addicts. Using this solution-based, peer-oriented approach reinforces the ability of EAP to address the needs of participants in whatever stage of recovery they are exploring.

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Rehab Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a model of individual or group psychotherapy using horses in the experiential process. During equine treatment, you can:

  • Develop a relationship with your horse — By caring for your horse, you’ll develop a relationship based on trust. You’ll learn how to perform a variety of horse-care techniques, such as grooming, feeding, leading and haltering and more. Our team understands that trust — or lack of trust — is a major issue many recovering drug addicts must heal from. Since horses enter the relationship without pre-conceived notions or opinions about the recovering addict, clients genuinely experience how their behavior affects themselves as well as others.
  • Hone your social skills — While working as a team, you and your fellow EAP team members will overcome challenges with problem-solving skills. You’ll develop effective ways of communicating and experience the positive results a healthy relationship can provide.
  • Focus on something other than your challenges — When you’re in the thick of addiction, it’s easy to become consumed with the negative feelings and emotions. You can’t see through the fog of pain. During EAP, you have the opportunity to focus on something other than your addiction and the challenges that come with it, instilling a new sense of purpose while building your self-confidence.
  • Experience stress relief — Working with animals has a therapeutic effective. With EAP, you are physically active and engaged, which can release stress.
  • Build your self-confidence — Problem-solving, establishing healthy relationships and taking care of a horse can all boost your self-confidence. When you believe in yourself, you have the drive to achieve recovery — and sustain it.

Discover a new passion or reignite an old one — One of the most insidious ways addiction affects us is by taking away our joy for life. Hobbies we once loved no longer interest us as we focus solely on using. Through EAP, you may develop a new passion for horses or reignite your interest in this hobby. When you leave our treatment facility, you’ll have a healthy way to spend your free time.

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Equine Therapy for Women: A Unique Addiction Treatment

Equine therapy is a unique form of addiction treatment because it involves the type of healing only animals can provide.

Horses Are Sensitive Animals

Horses are majestic creatures that connect to humans in very special ways. Horses live entirely in the present and require that participants be present and mindful when working with them. When working with horses, participants report that horses are very sensitive to their emotions and immediately reflect back the energy that they put out. Horses require clarity in communication and clear non-verbal behaviors when working with them. These values of mindfulness, observant to emotion, clarity in communication are all essential traits of recovery and EAP helps to identify these traits in ourselves.

Horses Provide Us Important Feedback

The horses we use for EAP are referred to as Co-Facilitators due to their ability to teach participants necessary tools to overcome and recover. Participants and horses build strong, authentic relationships and participants are able to build greater self-esteem, decision-making, confidence, communication, teamwork, empathy, and most importantly a deeper understanding of themselves, relationships, and the world. Boundary setting is one of the most important parts of relationships and recovery. Horses allow us to learn about our ability to set and hold boundaries by giving us clear and direct feedback.

Benefits of Equine Addiction Therapy

equine-therapy-3There are many benefits to Equine Addiction Therapy, including:

  • Enhancing self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Improving social skills (collaborating with others to care for horses)
  • Creating a greater sense of confidence
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Relieving the intensity of long-held fears, anxieties and resentments
  • Encouraging concentration and thought patterns that do not involve drugs

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Evidenced Based Treatment Why It Works


Equine therapy in Tennessee is a solution-oriented approach that allows you to engage in real-life scenarios, so you can develop your own solutions to emerging problems. Horses enter the program in a “blank state,” responding only to signals conveyed by their caretakers. Horses are also masters of body language and can “read” signals humans give off, much as we notice facial expressions of someone who is sad, angry or happy.

Since horses mirror the feelings of their master, you must learn how to be calm and live in the present moment. Immediate feedback from the horses allows you to develop your own positive solutions to stress in a therapeutic setting.

Guided interactions allow recovering addicts to deal with trauma by creating predictable, trustworthy and communicative relationships with their horse. Through equine therapy TN, you’ll learn how your actions, thoughts and emotions impact others as well as yourself. When these lessons and metaphors translate to a real-world setting, the results are life-changing.

Goals of Equine Therapy


When utilized in a holistic addiction recovery program, equine therapy encourages you to examine your life, past and present actions and future goals. Your experience with your horse becomes a metaphor for real life. Since a certified equine therapist and mental health professional supervise equine therapy, you’re able to use your sessions to reflect on past decisions while learning new coping skills.

Our team works to equip you with the skills necessary to make responsible decisions after therapy. Through drug rehab equine therapy, you’ll naturally develop skills such as accountability, responsibility, self-control, stress tolerance and communication. You’ll also learn how to productively process a wide range of complex emotional and behavioral challenges through equine therapy. Then, you can begin your path to a lifelong journey of sober, personal freedom.

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