Ep. 3 – Brenna O’Brien

This week on The Voyage Podcast we talk with Brenna O’Brien, the Director of Clinical Consultants at JourneyPure, who shares a little bit about her work in addiction from a Social Work perspective. She shares how her time as an NFL cheerleader gave her a platform to raise awareness about the often stigmatized disease of addiction, and she offers some tips for those looking to follow their heart of serving others while turning that into a successful career.

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Voyage Podcast: This is Our Voice

Working to shine the spotlight on the need for better treatment, better resources, better access to information and care for women, we have launched The Voyage Podcast. Our podcast is a women’s professionals centered podcast promoting female empowerment for women who have been impacted by addiction in some way.

Addiction is a disease that can affect not only the person struggling with substance abuse, but family and friends as well. It not only destroys bodies but also spirits, minds, inner-peace and self-confidence and relationships of all sorts. It can strip you of your job, friends, marriage, home and even hope. Our core mission of The Voyage podcast is to be an outlet and resource for women touched by addiction and recovery. Some of us are mothers, wives, and friends of alcoholics. Some of us are sober to manage our disease of addiction and others of us making a health conscious choice to abstain from all substances. The Voyage podcast is our voice.

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Listen to older episodes of the Voyage Podcast. Through our podcast, we are seeking to help build up women and be a consistent resource of information for those learning about overcoming addiction.

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