Oh yes, it can happen. It is possible to stay sober tonight AND have a blast. You don’t have to drink or use. This list includes actions you can take not to prepare yourself for tonight. Change happens from the inside… go ahead and give it a try!


  1. Stay Connected
    Hang out with your support network. Are you in an isolating mood? Haven’t made plans? Text them. Call them. Ask how they’re doing?Not sure if anyone wants to hang out with you? Force them to! They’ll like it. You’re fun to be with!
  2. Maintain Program of Recovery
    Keep your daily practice intact. Consistency in practicing a program of recovery is a gift today. It wasn’t something we had before getting sober. Take a moment to do some reading, meditation and self-care. Many cities now have 12 step meeting available 24 hours on New Year’s Eve. Check out intergroup’s AA’s meeting list to find one near you. If there’s nothing in your city… there’s always a place for you to participate in an AA online meeting.
  3. Remain GratefulAttitude-of-gratitude
    Focus on gratitude. Have you had a rough year? It’s the end of 2014. That alone could be a good thing. Did you have an awesome year? What are the gifts you have in your life today? What have you learned from sometimes painful lessons? Gratitude is an important attitude in maintaining sobriety. Selfish thoughts and old behaviors melt when gratitude shows up. Take a moment and make a list of everything you’re grateful for today.
    And remember… it’s all good.
  4. Focus on Service
    Yes, you have a lot to offer. Who can you be of service to tonight? How can you contribute positively to someone’s life? A phone call, a smile, a ride somewhere, a specially prepared meal are all actions you can take that will take your mind off yourself and place it where it belongs cultivating community. Small acts of kindness are like little chocolate truffles you get to share with strangers and new friends.
  5. Have Fun!
    Sober isn’t boring. Addicts and Alcoholics are some of the most creative and intelligent people. That’s a combination that doesn’t need much to create some absurd and completely rad happenings. Reach out to your peers and go nutters. Are you new to sobriety? Now’s a great opportunity to make a meeting and meet other people like yourself to hang out with. Just think, you can do anything.Have fun tonight! Whether you stay in or head out… it’s another day you don’t have to drink or use.