Our patients come for healing from mental health and substance abuse. Every woman we serve has her story and so we ask patients to share their experience with the those who may follow in their footsteps. Our hope for you is to find strength and support from women who have entered our facility.

Brandi-patient-testimonialThe staff at Voyage truly helped me to save my life! I thought I was broken beyond repair but soon learned that I was not completely broken! They taught me how to put my life back together again and how to begin loving myself! Their approach of treatment is one of the reasons that I am standing straighter today! Thank you so much to the staff at Voyage for always loving me during a time when I thought I was so unlovable! – Brandi

Julia-patient-recoveryThese are a few things I thought of while on a plane flying home. Hopefully this is helpful to any lady thinking of attending Voyage JourneyPure. They can help you to start building a foundation for a healthy, clean you.
Being clean for 128 days I am able to be honest with myself. No longer do I have to marinate in alcohol. I can now look in the mirror.
Voyage was truly a safe place to learn how to deal with emotions. Being able to feel and speak freely is something that is so empowering; this is a life lesson that I am continually learning to embrace. The relationships with other clients as well as the staff members I will cherish always. – Julia

Healed-patient-testimonialMy experience at voyage was very eye opening. They helped me look beyond the mask I had been wearing and the structure has helped me in my everyday life.
I would recommend Voyage to women to help them begin their journey to sobriety. Within all the recovery coaches there is a ton of recovery and they all truly help you with the love in their hearts. I know that everything that voyage has and offers is only beneficial to our future in recovery. I am very grateful for Voyage and their program. – Katelynn

Recovery-patient-reviewThe staff were the most caring people I have ever met. Every single person there is present because of an extreme desire to see every woman heal. They are strict, because the program depends upon that quality in them to ensure success. However, each one emanates a loving kindness for the girls staying there on a daily basis. I always felt “heard”…even when I didn’t get my way.
The best therapists in the region travel to Murfreesboro to lead groups at Voyage. From traditional group therapies, to art, to a very unique music group, to unbelievably interesting equine therapy….this program is obviously designed to work much deeper than simply treating the symptom of addiction. Every part of my “being” was addressed during my stay. I was assessed and cared for physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Since leaving Voyage, I have become healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have begun repairing my life with hope and enthusiasm for the first time in years because Voyage taught me how to start living. -Teresa

Today I check out of Voyage. My stay has been absolutely amazing. On a real note I’m going to miss my biggest recovery support team. Y’all have been absolutely amazing. Thank you guys so much for everything you have done. You have all been with me through some of the hardest times of my life…
Thank you for believing in me on the days I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you for helping me find my joy & purpose again. I will miss all of you so much. You all have special places in my heart. This most definitely isn’t goodbye. This is a see you later! Except next time I’ll still be clean! Thank you guys for the tools you have given me to make the difference in the world I know I was put on this Earth for & for helping me learn to live each day to the fullest. I can never repay you for the gift of life. -Jenna

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