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JourneyPure Coaching is an innovative program whereby each of our clients is assigned a personal recovery coach, and our clients are guided through an individualized program of recovery by a sophisticated, user friendly software application. JourneyPure Coaching promises to dramatically increase one’s chances for long term success in recovery, and this unique program is offered to each of our clients that admits into a JourneyPure facility.

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JourneyPure Coaching Mission

JourneyPure Coaching is a reflection of our company’s commitment to help our clients get healthy and stay healthy. JourneyPure Coaching will enable our staff to remain connected to our clients for a minimum of one year after treatment, and this will be a defining factor in helping our clients to stay healthy on a long term basis.

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How JourneyPure Coaching Works

This pioneering program is executed by way of a user friendly app on the client’s smartphone, tablet, or other device. A personal recovery coach is assigned to the client, and a tailored recovery plan is entered into the app to guide our clients through their daily recovery. The client’s app is connected digitally with a recovery coach, such that recovery progress can be monitored on a daily basis. The following are additional features of JourneyPure Coaching:

  • Connectivity by way of regular phone calls and messaging
  • Creation of a collaborative in-app Recovery Support Team
  • Continuing care groups offered regularly at JourneyPure facilities
  • Communication of JourneyPure client alumni events

JourneyPure understands that the connectivity and accountability provided by JourneyPure Coaching will make for a winning combination when it comes to success in recovery.

JourneyPure Coaching Promotes Total Wellness

JourneyPure Coaching is much more than monitoring of recovery from addiction. At JourneyPure, we understand that recovering from addiction and co-occuring mental health issues involves the development and execution of a healthy design for living. This is achieved by JourneyPure Coaching’s approach of prioritizing recovery, combined with the three “pillars of health” – sleep, nutrition, and exercise. JourneyPure Coaching’s goal in this approach is to help our clients achieve total wellness.

Starting Today – Get Healthy, and Stay Healthy

If you would like more information about how JourneyPure Coaching can help you or your loved one to achieve long term success in recovery, please contact us today.  Get healthy and stay healthy with JourneyPure Coaching.

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