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Comfortable & Safe Medical Detox for Alcohol and Drugs

If someone you care about is trying to quit using drugs or alcohol, you’ve probably noticed that your loved one suffers challenging symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms are so severe that going back to using seems like the only alternative. Withdrawal symptoms shouldn’t keep you or your loved one from recovery. JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program offers medically assisted detox that relieves difficult withdrawal symptoms and eases the transition to recovery.

Identifying Withdrawal Symptoms

Although withdrawal symptoms differ slightly between substances, in many respects they are somewhat the same. Persistent cravings, for example, haunt the recovering addict every step of the way. Physical symptoms — including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea — are also extremely common, especially among those who once abused heroin, painkillers and alcohol. Chills and shakiness, insomnia or sleeping too much, changes in appetite, and feeling anxious or overwhelmed are also common. In the case of alcohol detox, seizures or delusional behavior sometimes occur.

Medically assisted detox can reduce or eliminate all of these symptoms.

In some cases, including alcohol detox, professional help is absolutely necessary. Untreated withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens can be fatal. If you or your loved one drinks heavily or uses Benzos or opiates, please call us for a safe detoxification provided by doctors who are trained in addiction and detox.

Emergent, Acute and Post Detox

The 3 stages of detox include:

  • Emergent detox. The earliest signs of withdrawal occur around the time the brain expects the next dose. An individual who is addicted to painkillers, for example, might feel rising panic or notice sweating and shakiness. This is the beginning of a flu-like withdrawal that can last for weeks if left untreated.
  • Acute detox. Acute detox is when medically assisted withdrawal is most helpful. During this stage, qualified and trained detox clinicians provide assistance that reduces the severity of symptoms such as cravings, insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations or physical sickness. Medically assisted detox reduces the chances that your loved one will relapse during early recovery. In addition to 24-hour monitoring and a full medical assessment, acute detox treatment may include temporary medication.
  • Post detox. Once the acute symptoms of detox have passed, overwhelming feelings of depression, accompanied by cravings and worry, take over. This is when your loved one will transition into therapy and counseling. Therapy and counseling give your loved one strategies to cope with stress and cravings, and helps him or her start fresh.

Get Detox Help Now

If someone you care about is trying to quit and the severity of withdrawal is getting in the way of their recovery, call JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program now. We offer emergency detox services that will give your loved one the right start to recovery. We can transport her to our facility where our clinical experts will design an individualized recovery plan. We will remove any obstacles and clear the path forward, so achieving a lifelong recovery is possible.

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