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At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, our approach to addiction treatment incorporates a diverse blend of evidence-based therapies. Among these therapies is experiential therapy, which provides recovering clients with the opportunity to rediscover essential personal skills through active learning.

What Is Experiential Therapy?

Our team believes that engaging each client in active learning through experiential therapy is the key to a successful recovery. So what exactly is experiential therapy?

Instead of emphasizing a verbal “give and take” between a therapist and client, experiential therapy focuses on a client’s involvement in a creative activity and movements. Experiential therapy activities at JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program include artmusic, writing, dancing or acting. Equine therapy is also considered experiential since it teaches the client about responsibility, meaning and commitment while encouraging them to solve problems either alone or in a group.

People participating in an experiential therapy rehab program at JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program learn from beneficial and constructive experiences that promote personal growth and development of their self-identity. In addition, clients involved in experiential therapy learn how to engage in rational thinking, verbally express themselves more clearly, transform their goals into successful accomplishments and find ways to tap into their own life’s meaning and purpose.

  • COGNITIVE | Engage in rational thinking. Experiential therapy shows you how to make better decisions, instead of choices defined by panic, anger or sadness — a skill that will help you avoid relapsing into abuse.
  • EMOTIONAL | Gain the ability to express your feelings through language. Release difficult-to-express emotions with experiential therapy that helps you stay in control.
  • BEHAVIORAL | Turn your intents into successful accomplishments. Turn your goals from dreams to reality by taking action through experiential therapy.
  • SPIRITUAL | Find the meaning & purpose for your life. You deserve a lifestyle where you choose your future, and not drugs or alcohol.

Benefits of Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is different than traditional treatment programs because it is not based entirely on patient-therapist interaction. We have developed unique and proven approaches using experiential therapy that deeply impact the lives of clients recovering at our facility. Rather than providing a quick “fix” for an addiction, we work on personal development so each individual leaves recovery with a new and refreshed perspective of themselves, their family, their friends and their world. When you successfully commit yourself to a meaningful activity through experiential therapy, you learn naturally how to connect and communicate with others, instead of retreating into the dark world of addiction.

If you desire to successfully acquire the skills needed to change your life, it is essential that you voluntarily engage in active learning. Our staff has developed hands-on programs to ensure you develop your best skills following completion of your experiential therapy program. We also believe it is important to rework developmental stages that may be preventing you from progressing in your recovery.

Is Experiential Therapy Right for You?

If you or a loved one has experienced one or more of these traumas, then experiential therapy can and will help you overcome your addiction:

  • Sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  • Mental illness compounded by your addiction
  • Have always had difficulty expressing yourself without becoming angry or feeling aggressive
  • Feel afraid or extremely upset when talking about your past
  • Grew up surrounded by addicts, alcoholics and abusers

Experiential therapy techniques we use to promote your recovery include:

Our goal is to help each of our clients live a sober life rich with love, meaning, purpose and value. JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program counselors trained in experiential therapy techniques provide you with the appropriate tools essential for experiencing a successful, lifelong recovery.

Thoughtful Living Is Active Living

For many women, life becomes a cycle of stimuli-response, rather than purposeful movements and decisions. When you compound this type of lifestyle with an addiction, and perhaps co-occurring conditions such as depression or bipolar disorder, it can seem very difficult to stop the rhythm of drug use or substance abuse. Experiential therapy gives you a way to begin living thoughtfully. This means making each moment count and not settling because you are afraid you do not deserve the best. The truth is you have every right to complete fulfillment. Experiential therapy techniques can help you achieve that goal.

What to Expect From Experiential Therapy Activities

Women who come to JourneyPure JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program for inpatient or outpatient treatment are often unfamiliar with experiential therapy activities. At first glance, experiences such as yoga, horseback riding and meditation may seem unusual ways to progress into addiction recovery. However, experiential therapy techniques are designed to help you gain control and understanding. Not only will you enjoy a better sense of where you have been, but you will be able to forge a new path that does not center around your addiction. When women at JourneyPure Voyage are able to embrace experiential therapy wholeheartedly, they can start to tear down the barriers to recovery.

Choose the Experiential Therapy That Is Right for You

Like any type of drug rehabilitation opportunity at JourneyPure JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, experiential therapies are designed to fit the needs of different women. You and the caring, highly trained personnel at JourneyPure Voyage in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, will map out the experiential therapy activities that are best suited for your personal growth and journey. You are not expected to jump into all the experiential therapies available at our location. Some individuals prefer to introduce metaphor and guided imagery into their recoveries as part of the JourneyPure Voyage treatment. Others feel more drawn to psychodrama and music. There is no wrong type of experiential therapy, only the one(s) that will work best for you.

Experiential Therapies Are Part of Our Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol knows that substance abuse damages every aspect of a once-healthy lifestyle. The experiential therapies offered by JourneyPure JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program are just one part of the comprehensive recovery program at our inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. In addition to programs such as art therapy and equine therapy, you’ll benefit from a broad spectrum of treatments that address your holistic health. That means we’ll evaluate your physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, and incorporate all of your needs into one plan that’s customized specifically for you.

The process begins when you enroll in our medically assisted detox program. Medically assisted detox makes the first several days of sobriety more manageable, because it reduces uncomfortable symptoms, including cravings and hallucinations, and relieves overwhelmed feelings. As you adjust to sobriety, our compassionate counselors and experiential therapists will get to know you better and develop a plan that nourishes your body, mind and spirit.

You’ll uncover the causes of your addiction and receive treatment for any diagnosed co-occurring mental health disorder. You’ll eat nutritious foods that help you regain your strength, and slowly become more physically active. You’ll develop connections with others who know exactly what you’re going through. Best of all, you can discover your purpose in life, and learn the skills you need to achieve your goals — and a healthy, long-lasting abstinence.

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