Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Holistic Alcohol Rehab in Tennessee

Before successfully defeating an alcohol addiction, you must find the power within yourself to regain control of your behaviors, your self-identity and your life. This is where our holistic alcohol rehab center in Tennessee can greatly benefit your overall recovery plan.

At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we believe that the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health of our clients is key to them enjoying a long, sober and happy life free from the urge to drink. By combining holistic therapies with cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing techniques and experiential therapies, we are able to provide an unconditionally supportive recovery atmosphere. We promote healing of the spirit and elevating enthusiasm for life.

Learn how our holistic rehab for women can help you heal on every level, so you have the strength to overcome your addiction.

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program: Specializing in Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation for Women

Women face one-of-a-kind challenges when it comes to addiction. We have unique ways of processing emotions and past hurts. How we are raised, how we are treated and how we see ourselves all inform our life today. They also affect our addiction and how we recover from it.

We are committed to the unique needs of women facing addiction. In fact, our holistic rehab is designed especially for women. You’ll benefit from a safe, comfortable environment where you can explore your unique challenges, while getting the support you need to overcome them.

Defeat Alcoholism With Our Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

holistic alcohol rehabilitation program

At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, one of the leading holistic alcohol rehab centers in the country, you benefit from a range of therapies. Most importantly, we design a treatment plan just for you. Your customized roadmap to recovery is based on your specific challenges and interest. Your unique treatment plan may include:

  • Yoga and meditation — The benefits of yoga and meditation cannot be understated. Not only do they center you, but they also help you develop key coping skills, tools you’ll depend on to stay the course of sustained recovery.
  • Equine and art therapy — In addition to offering professional yoga and meditation coaches to guide you through our holistic rehab program, we also provide equine therapy and creative therapies, such as art and songwriting. You will be chaperoned by compassionate counselors who are skilled at nurturing your emotional needs, so you never feel like you are alone along your road to recovery.
  • Life coaching — Finding your path in life is difficult for anyone, not to mention those suffering from addiction. As you progress through therapy, you will be ready to forge your own path to a fulfilling life. Our experienced therapists can assist you as you identify your true purpose and map out how you’ll get there.
  • Spiritual support — JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program also encourages clients to think deeply about living in the present, to let go of past hurts and resentments and to learn how to enjoy each moment of sober living through self-realization techniques. When you have a strong spiritual center, you have the driving force you need to maintain your long-term recovery.

As you progress through your recovery, we’ll adjust your treatment plan as necessary to ensure you’re getting the most effective therapies.

Gain the Skills You Need to Maintain Long-Term Recovery

One of the most valuable benefits of participating in our holistic alcohol rehabilitation program is the inner strength and insights you gain. Our holistic rehab for women will equip you with the coping tools necessary to avoid relapse once you have left our facility. Holistic alcohol rehab not only emphasizes resistance and stress-management strategies, but also allows you to build personalized methods of dealing with life after rehab and real-world situations.

For example, your self-esteem is intrinsically linked to how other people view and treat you. Other people have the ability to make you feel stigmatized by your addiction by not trusting you with simple jobs or leaving you out of their plans. In these situations, you must learn to make the first move towards restoring relationships that you want to pursue. This may mean having to say you’re sorry or changing your attitude when someone asks you to do something you don’t like.

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program’s holistic alcohol rehabilitation program can help you improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, so that your relationships can once again be satisfying and meaningful. You’ll have the essential skills you need to communicate effectively and process emotions. With newfound strength and tools, you’ll be ready to face life challenges in a healthy way.

When You Need Holistic Alcohol Rehabilitation, Visit a Leading Recovery Center in Tennessee

As an abuser of substances, you probably feel like you’ve lost control of your life. You may realize there is something missing, and that you should be making more of the time that has been given to you. Feeling fulfilled is a big part of self-actualization, and it can take a variety of different forms varying from person to person.

For some, it can be spiritual. For others, it may be achieving big challenges. By participating in our holistic therapies as part of your recovery program, you will find what it is that makes you feel good about yourself, your life and your relationships with others. We’ll also help your body recover with nutritional, organic meals.

Get Started Today on a Better Tomorrow

We are waiting to help you become sober, free and happy. Contact JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program or call us anytime at 615-965-8909 to speak to one of our caring team members and learn more about how our holistic rehabilitation for women can help you achieve your best life.