Holistic Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Tennessee

Addiction is a powerful disease that affects all aspects of your life, from your emotions to your relationships. Treating just the addiction will not lead to long-term recovery. You need to heal on every level: physically, mentally and spiritually. A key part of this comprehensive healing is professional treatment that promotes healthy living and instills purpose in life.

At JourneyPure Voyage, a leading holistic drug rehab for women, we encourage clients to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve the goals they have set for themselves throughout our recovery program.

Our Tennessee holistic drug addiction rehabilitation programs focus on healing not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Our holistic therapies are a group of comprehensive, multi-dimensional approaches that embrace your psychological, physical and emotional needs with compassion, understanding and respect.

Compared to other holistic drug rehab centers in Tennessee, JourneyPure Voyage creates customized holistic treatment programs to help you and your loved ones experience an enduring and successful recovery. Learn more about how our holistic drug rehab center can help you navigate your unique path to long-term recovery.

What Does “Holistic” Mean?holistic drug addiction rehab tennessee

care of yourself, and your mind, body and spirit can suffer as a result. It becomes too difficult to process emotions, deal with stress, communicate with loved ones, eat right or exercise. You lose touch with your true self and no longer experience the full joy of living.

We want to help change all of that. The compassionate and experienced addiction specialists at our holistic drug rehab will provide the support, guidance and tools you need to take back control of your life. Through holistic treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to heal on every level.

Taking a holistic approach to drug addiction treatment means helping you engage in various activities that merge the mind and body productively. Holistic principles uphold the concept that humans are not made of separate components, such as emotions, intellect and the physical body. Instead, all aspects of life influence the others.

When our counselors take a holistic perspective for addiction treatment, we’ll help you use your body, mind, consciousness, emotions, intuition, instincts and creative urges to reach recovery. We tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs and interests, helping you establish and reach life goals.

Holistic drug addiction rehab programs also emphasize the importance of daily physical activity, eating healthy foods and taking time to enjoy the calming beauty of nature.

Therapeutic Interventions Included in JourneyPure Voyage’s Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

At our holistic drug rehab center, you’ll benefit from a variety of holistic interventions that can help you:

  • Cope with addiction — Addiction is a lifelong disease. While you can achieve lasting recovery, you will never be free from addiction. With effective holist treatment, however, you will get the coping skills you need to stay strong when you experience cravings. After completing treatment at our holistic drug rehab center, you will have the solid foundation you need to prevent relapse.
  • Learn how to manage responsibilities — Addiction can overwhelm you. When you’re working through recovery, you may find it difficult to meet your other life obligations. With the help of our dedicated team, you can develop better time-management practices, while learning how to prioritize your to-do list based on what matters most in life.
  • Develop your life skills — From communicating more effectively with loved ones to stress-management techniques, you’ll leave our holistic drug rehab for women with a toolkit of essential life skills. You’ll be stronger and prepared to take on whatever life has to throw your way.
  • Discover inner strengths — While addiction can make you feel powerless, effective treatment can give you new-found strength. By setting and reaching goals, effectively problem-solving and building healthy relationships, you develop self-confidence. When you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you — not even addiction. We’ll help you discover a new, more powerful you.

In addition to individual and group therapies, motivational interviewing and EMDR, JourneyPure Voyage also specializes in purely holistic programs — including art therapy, songwriting therapy, equine therapy, yoga instruction and meditation techniques.

Our holistic drug addiction rehab programs focus on achieving long-term results supported by the belief that treating the “whole” person is more constructive and compassionate than only treating the addiction itself.

Why Choose Holistic Rehab for Drug Addiction?

JourneyPure Voyage’s holistic drug addiction rehabilitation program can help you achieve true recovery, because we are entirely devoted to healing deeper root causes of addiction. Our therapists will work with you to align a holistic treatment plan with your physical and emotional needs. We’ll also encourage re-engagement with supportive people in your life and help you participate in exciting, sober activities.

You’ll benefit from a positive connection between your body and mind. In other words, when your mind is healthy, your body tends to feel good as well. Alternately, a healthy body promotes a better-functioning brain that isn’t suffering from chemical instabilities. Our counselors specialize in holistic treatment, and we investigate all areas of the individual to create a program that is balanced and recovery-focused.

Heal on Every Level and Take Back Control of Your Life

While addiction is a powerful disease, you can overcome it with the right comprehensive treatment. Contact us today at 615-965-8909 if you or someone you know wants to enroll in our Tennessee holistic drug addiction rehabilitation program. Start working towards sober, holistic living today.

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