Voyage, offering personalized drug therapy in Tennessee, is proud to offer our clients a tailored approach to addiction recovery. Our individual therapy process includes individual addiction counseling and individualized treatment plans to ensure a smooth transition into sobriety.


Our facility is known for our emphasis on individual therapy, and that is why we are considered the leader in women’s addiction treatment in Tennessee. We believe that in order to obtain the appropriate tools to maintain sobriety beyond our facility, every resident needs to be given the proper attention by our expert staff. Life-long relationships are our goal—and we will stop at nothing to ensure success for all of our clients.


Why is individual therapy so important? It provides our residents with a safe environment to express their thoughts and feelings. It is important that each woman who enters our facility acquires a better understanding of herself so she can learn how to construct healthy and beneficial relationships in the future and heal from the past. What are some of the reasons people seek out individual therapy? Here are some of them listed below:

  • Manage childhood trauma or major life challenges
  • Tend to depression or anxiety disorders
  • Seek out personal growth or greater self-knowledge
  • Set / achieve personal goals
  • Work towards a desired life change
  • Manage disorders related to stress
  • Identify areas in life that need change
  • Obtain a better understanding of oneself
  • Learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Suppress obsessive behaviors

Am I a Candidate for Personalized Drug Therapy?

The benefits of individual therapy are endless. Our licensed therapists will help each woman identify the issues that need to be resolved in her life and offer assistance to reach desired personal goals. Throughout our substance abuse recovery program, we treat each client holistically to improve all aspects of your health.

The personalized approach to therapy takes into consideration mental health, health problems, trauma, relationships, and any other conversation topics a client may feel is relevant to her recovery. Our individualized therapy solutions serve as a powerful tool to help our residents find internal healing and establish a new structure for their lives away from addiction and mental health disorders.

Individual Therapy in Tennessee

At Voyage, we offer individualized therapy options to all of our clients. Our facility takes pride in offering our clients a high staff-to-client ratio, so each client feels personally valued in the recovery process. Whether it’s from choosing meals at dinner or choosing a recreational outing, our personalized approach exceeds the counseling environment.

We are the only treatment facility in Tennessee to offer our clients a minimum of fifteen individual sessions per week. These sessions help both us and you gain insight into the complicated mechanisms affecting your addiction.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from addiction, Voyage can help you figure out the appropriate next step in your recovery process. Contact Voyage online or call (615) 965-8909 today to learn more.

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