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Music Therapy

Music Therapy in Tennessee

Many people are familiar with the power of music to affect our mood, outlook, and creative expression. However, many are not familiar with the therapeutic value of music in general. We believe in using music as a therapeutic technique to help our clients undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is an addiction recovery technique administered through trained professionals. Music therapy examines through a holistic lens on an emotional, social, cognitive, and social level. After determining strengths and areas for improvement, a music therapy specialist will help guide you through different music practices to incorporate into your addiction treatment. These can include singing, dancing or movement, playing instruments, or simply listening to music.

Music therapy exercises are intended to boost self-esteem, increase confidence, provide creative outlets, and be a form of emotional release. As music therapy continues, you will be able to utilize your strengths gained from the techniques in other aspects of your life and feel better about yourself in general. Through weekly music therapy classes, you can truly learn to be your best self.

Songwriting Workshops in Tennessee

To supplement our music and art therapy programs, we have developed a one-of-a-kind music and songwriting therapy. At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we believe that music therapy and songwriting gives clients the tools to engage in health self-expression by putting their thoughts and moods into song. Women in our program will be able to uncover and express emotion in a new and healthy way.

What Does Songwriting Therapy Look Like at JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program?

Our licensed music therapist will accompany clients through the entire songwriting process. Upon completing a song, women will be led through a meaningful discussion, which is beneficial for emotional management. This therapy technique is a holistic and clinical approach to promote healing for trauma, addiction, and other mental health disorders. We believe in self-expression as a valuable form of healing, and that is why each client will participate in a songwriting workshop every two weeks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize music therapy in addiction recovery to best serve our clients. Our effective treatment center in Tennessee specializes in using music and songwriting therapies to help our female clients find success in fighting addiction. To best serve you as an individual, we incorporate music therapy into our completely personalized treatment plans at JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program.

We offer many forms of treatment modalities, ranging from art therapy to equine therapy, in addition to our individual and group therapy sessions. We are proud to offer our clients a high staff-to-client ratio so that each client can understand his or her individual value throughout the recovery process.

We would be happy to tell you more about our many programs, which includes music therapy for drug treatment in TN. Call (615) 939-9294 or contact us online to discover the treatment options available today.