Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback Therapy

neurofeedback therapist tennesseeNeurofeedback Therapy in Tenessee

While addiction was seen as a moral and character weakness in the past, we now know it is a disease that affects your brain. Addiction actually changes the pathways in your mind. It affects how your brain processes emotions, makes decisions and achieves feelings.

For long-lasting recovery, you need to re-wire your brain. At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we help you do just that through an experiential treatment called neurofeedback therapy. This progressive and evidence-based treatment can train your brain to function in a more effective and efficient way.

Neurofeedback therapy, sometimes called neurobiofeedback or neurotherapy, is an increasingly popular method of treatment for addiction and other mental health disorders. Addiction presents many challenges, and co-occurring mental health disorders are common.

From sleep disorders and seizures to anxiety and depression, neurofeedback therapy has helped many overcome life’s challenges and achieve greater peace. Given the many conditions it treats, neurofeedback therapy is especially helpful for those in recovery. Neurofeedback therapy can only be performed with specialized equipment and trained professionals, typically in medical or rehabilitative settings. Neurofeedback therapy is growing in popularity because it poses a low risk and real results, which can last a lifetime.

Learn more about how neuro feedback therapy for women can help you on your unique path to sustainable recovery.

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback refers to the monitoring of brainwaves. Humans have four observable brain waves that all serve different functions, and we learn about them through neurofeedback. The four types of brain waves and their main functions are:

  1. Alpha waves: These “long and slow” waves are related to relaxation.
  2. Beta waves: These “short and fast” waves are related to alertness.
  3. Delta waves: These waves indicate dreamless (non-restful) sleep.
  4. Theta waves: These waves occur during deep relaxation and/or sleep.

Using EEG scans, we can use neurofeedback to see how our brain waves can change due to mental illness and/or substance abuse.

How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Work?

Neurofeedback therapy works to show someone’s brainwave activity right on the screen in front of her. Non-invasive electrodes are attached to the scalp and the brain wave measurements are sent to a computer nearby. At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we use neurofeedback therapy to help our female clients understand how addiction and mental illness truly affect brain activity. We know that addiction can create higher levels of beta waves and decreasing levels of alpha and theta waves. This indicates an addict’s increased impulsivity, with little ability to fully relax or think things through.

By showing a client her brain waves, she can actually begin controlling them while watching. At first, this can only happen for a very short period. However, with practice, neurofeedback therapy can help someone gain control of their brainwave activity for longer periods of time until it becomes a natural habit. Resuming normal brain wave function can result in fewer symptoms, better sleep, increased impulse control, and more happiness overall.

What Are the Benefits of Neuro Feedback Therapy for Women?

While there are no side effects or risks to this state-of-the-art treatment, there are many long-lasting benefits. With neuro feedback therapy for women, you can:

  • Increase your self-confidence — By replacing negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones, you enjoy greater self-confidence. When you believe in yourself, you have the power to achieve whatever you set your mind to, including overcoming addiction.
  • Get a better handle on cravings — It’s easy to succumb to obsessive thoughts, especially when it comes to using. Through neuro feedback therapy for women, you can experience a new way of thinking, one that focuses on healing and not using.
  • Improve your outlook on life — Addiction negatively affects your quality of life because it changes how you view the world. You no longer experience the joy of living when you’re caught up in the pain. By replacing negative thought processes with positive ones, you’ll be better able to experience the good in life. You’ll also open yourself up to better things.
  • Amp up your cognitive abilities — Using can dull your brain. You may notice your memory is not as good, or you can’t “think on your feet.” Neurofeedback can restore vital connections in your brain, which improves your recall ability and shortens your processing times.

With improved self-confidence, a better handle on cravings, a more positive outlook on life and a sharper mind, you can achieve your life goals. Neurofeedback can provide the healing you need to recharge your mind and take back control from addiction.

Where to Get Neurofeedback Therapy in Tennessee

If you or a loved one could benefit from neurofeedback therapy, consider JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program today.

Our team of specialists can help explain your brainwave activity and make neurofeedback treatment a beneficial experience for you. Our treatment center specializes in using neurofeedback therapy on women in conjunction with many other modalities of therapy for addiction and mental illness.

We tailor treatment plans to each individual and often recommend multiple forms of treatment to best predict long-lasting recovery from addiction. Call 615-939-9294 today to learn more.