professional women's addiction treatment


Professional Women's Addiction Treatment


JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, previously Voyage, has a highly skilled team that covers a variety of therapies and techniques to make sure progress happens quickly while addressing each issue with precision.

Additional services offered include:

+ Experiential Therapy: Equine, Adventure Ropes, Music and Art Therapy

+ Holistic Programming: Yoga

Individualized Treatment

There are several forms of treatment options to choose from. While many rehab facilities focus on one particular form of treatment, we understand that no two addictions and two people are the same. That’s why we offer individualized treatment plans.

Treating All Types of Addictions

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program specializes in treating all types of addictions and underlying psychological issues. By treating the entire person and approaching the addiction from all aspects, our clients are given the opportunity to achieve lasting recovery. Some of the addictions and co-occurring disorders JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program specializes in includes:

While many treatment centers focus on and treat only the addiction, JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program focuses on the whole body. You’ll be able to address the underlying issues of your addiction while gaining the tools you need to overcome it.

If you are searching for addiction help for yourself or someone you care about, remember that few treatment centers set the standards as high as Voyage. When it comes to the level of individualized care, focus and effective care, we are a leader.