cocaine addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Treatment for Women in Tennessee

Cocaine’s powerful addictive properties are attributed to its ability to activate dopaminergic transmissions with an area of the brain called the ventral tegmental. Extracted from the South American coca plant, cocaine is a white powder that is typically snorted or smoked, although hard-core users may resort to injecting it for a more intense experience.

Accounting for 13 percent of all admissions into cocaine rehab programs in Tennessee, cocaine powerfully stimulates pleasure centers in the brain, giving users sensations of euphoria, pleasant agitation, decreased appetite and boundless energy. Although not as instantly addicting as heroin and methamphetamine, cocaine will dramatically alter your brain chemistry and even its architecture if used chronically over a short period.

Health Effects of Cocaine Addiction in Women

Cocaine addiction is one of the most dangerous dependencies. Below are some of the major consequences of cocaine use:

  • Cardiovascular effects – cocaine use induces rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and potentially dangerous heart arrhythmia or cardiac arrest. Long-term use also promotes kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.
  • Respiratory effects – a persistent runny nose (“cocaine drip”) is commonly seen in users who snort cocaine. Snorters also suffer diminished sense of smell, frequent nosebleeds, difficulty swallowing and rapid deterioration of nasal passages.
  • Mental illness/personality changes – cocaine is known to cause paranoid thinking, aggressive behavior, visual/audio hallucinations and “cocaine” psychosis, a disorder similar to alcoholic delirium tremens
  • Gastrointestinal complications – Vomiting, abdominal pain, cold sweats and nausea are some of the most common symptoms of cocaine addiction.

By the time users enter cocaine addiction treatment, addicts have likely experienced financial ruin. Not only is cocaine an expensive drug, but it also causes cognitive disturbances resembling the manic phase of bipolar disorder. During these “up” phases, the thought processes of cocaine addicts are accelerated and irrational, frequently leading the individual to make poor decisions concerning money, business ventures and personal relationships.

Cocaine Rehab for Women in Tennessee

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program is part of the JourneyPure family and is a leading drug rehab and mental health recovery center for women suffering with cocaine addiction and any co-occurring disorders. Located in Murfreesboro, our Tennessee cocaine addiction treatment program has helped many women overcome their addiction and commit to sober living.

Do you think you may have a cocaine addiction? Speak confidentially with a JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program recovery advisor now at (615) 907-5928.

Unless cocaine addicts seek help by entering a cocaine rehab in Tennessee, they might find themselves suffering from:

  • Loss of employment, homelessness or incarceration
  • Debilitated physical condition resulting from frequent illnesses, high blood pressure, periods of tachycardia, profuse nose bleeds, malnutrition and even possible cardiac arrest
  • HIV infection due to lack of impulse control or sharing needles
  • States of severe paranoia that may be mistaken for psychosis — could lead to the addict being involuntarily committed by local law enforcement
  • Becoming involved with selling cocaine to maintain an expensive habit

Whether you are searching for the best cocaine addiction treatment program for you or a loved one, finding medical and therapeutic help for a cocaine addiction is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make — and we are here to help you follow through on that decision.

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program is known as the Southeast’s premier dual diagnosis addiction treatment center. It’s staffed by experienced addiction specialists who employ specific psycho-therapeutic techniques intended to counteract the manipulative strategies addicts may use to maintain their drug-oriented lifestyle.

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