Rohypnol Drug Rehab

Rohypnol Drug Rehab

Rohypnol Drug Rehab Center for Women in Murfreesboro, TN

Rohypnol is a powerful and addictive sedative frequently associated with date rape. Estimated to be 10 times more powerful than Valium, Rohypnol is one of the drugs blamed in the overdose death of singer Michael Jackson. Part of the group of drugs known as benzodiazepines, it is never wise to quit using Rohypnol alone. That’s because withdrawing from any benzodiazepine is physically and psychologically challenging, and the effects can wax and wane for a significant period of time in the absence of treatment. JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program offers holistic Rohypnol addiction treatment to women in our residential Tennessee facility.

Rohypnol drug abuse is just one form of addiction afflicting women in Tennessee today. Rohypnol abuse can lead to health problems, criminality and relationship struggles. If you or someone you love may be suffering from Rohypnol addiction, it’s important to learn about the drug, what to look out for and how to get help.

What Is Rohypnol?

Popularly known as “roofies,” Rohypnol is an illegal drug that has become one of the most abused drugs in the United States since the 1990s. Under the same drug family as Valium, Halcion, Xanax and Versed, Rohypnol is the most prominent date-rape drug and is primarily abused by young adults, cocaine addicts and heroin users.

Though generally taken in pill form, Rohypnol can also be crushed and snorted. Its physical and psychological effects are powerful, lasting up to 12 hours even at low doses, especially if taken with other drugs or alcohol.It is used as a date rape drug because Rohypnol’s effect on women includes amnesia. Sexual predators sometimes place the drug in the victim’s drink. After consumption, the victim is left unable to defend herself against an attack.

Symptoms of Rohypnol drug abuse include:

  • Confusion, disorientation and amnesia
  • Exaggerated relaxation
  • Vision problems
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Impaired judgment or loss of inhibition
  • Aggressiveness or even violence
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Paranoia or hallucinations
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Death

Aside from the direct effects of Rohypnol drug abuse, the symptoms commonly lead to criminal behavior. As you get further into your addiction, you need to feed it however you can. Often, people with no criminal background resort to stealing to support their habit. Addiction can change who we are and how we navigate the world.

Rohypnol is one of the most addictive and readily available drugs and is a prominent problem in Tennessee. JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program family of centers, has helped countless women overcome drug dependence to live normal, healthy lives. Below, we explain how a Rohypnol rehabilitation center can help.

If Someone You Know Is Taking Rohypnol

If you are worried about someone you care about who takes Rohypnol regularly, it’s wise to learn which behaviors indicate addiction. It’s important to remember that most people who are addicted to drugs are deep in denial about their condition — even when the problem is obvious to everyone else.

If your loved one is addicted to Rohypnol, the signs include:

  • Lying about abuse, or hiding how much is abused
  • Taking more than the prescribed dose, or taking doses more frequently than prescribed
  • Getting multiple prescriptions “just in case” one gets lost
  • Forgetting about or ignoring important responsibilities
  • Unexplained changes in mood or personality
  • Ignoring hobbies and old friends to focus on getting high
  • Combining Rohypnol with another substance, such as alcohol, to get a stronger high

Tennessee Treatment for Rohypnol Addiction

For women beginning their recovery journey, a common question is, “What happens when I stop taking Rohypnol?”

Because the body develops a tolerance and dependence on drugs, sudden cessation of Rohypnol can be painful and even dangerous. This is why it’s critical to seek medically supervised detox services. Withdrawal symptoms from Rohypnol include headaches, muscle pains, numbness in extremities, hallucinations, seizures, restlessness and intense anxiety.

A Rohypnol drug rehab center can help through individual counseling, group therapy, and concurrent treatment that addresses a dual diagnosis. Since co-occurring mental health disorders can trigger a relapse, it’s critical to treat them alongside an addiction disorder. Our addiction recovery facilities in Tennessee understand that no two women are alike, so staff members will personalize a treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

When you or your loved one enrolls in our recovery center, you’ll recover from the immediate withdrawal effects of Rohypnol in our medically assisted detox center. Our trained clinicians will help your loved one adjust to sobriety safely under 24-hour care. Your loved one can avoid or reduce uncomfortable side effects as our qualified staff members evaluate her health and well-being and design a custom-tailored plan that addresses her specific needs.

Our Approach to Rohypnol Rehab

Our Murfreesboro-based rehabilitation facility can help women with Rohypnol addiction by providing compassionate, professional care in a safe setting. At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we believe in treating clients with a holistic approach, taking into consideration mental illness, health problems, trauma or other factors that may be contributing to addiction. We specialize in the unique challenges women face on their journey to recovery.

When you come to JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, you can expect:

  • Compassionate, experienced care: When you or your loved one enrolls in our Rohypnol treatment program, you can expect to heal in an environment free from judgment and punishment. You will make connections with others who know exactly what you’re going through.
  • A real life change: As a leading Rohypnol treatment center in Tennessee, we do our best to make your journey to recovery meaningful and enjoyable. During your treatment for Rohypnol, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover those buried emotions and past hurts that led to using. In addition, you’ll gain key life skills that will carry you through your lifelong recovery. When you put in the work, you can achieve a real life change. Our supportive environment provides the safe space to grow and evolve into a better you.
  • Customized treatment: No two addictions are alike, just as no two life stories are the same. That’s why we provide each client with an individualized treatment plan. Your best chance of long-term recovery is through a treatment plan that addresses the unique challenges you face. You deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach.
  • One-on-one support: The greatest breakthroughs are achieved with you have the guidance of an experienced addiction specialist. With a minimum of 15 individual sessions per week, you get the individualized attention you need to address the underlying feelings that caused your addiction.
  • To experience a better life: When undergoing treatment for Rohypnol addiction, recovery may seem like a daunting task. It is our mission to help you lead a happy life after Rohypnol treatment. To do so, we encourage our clients to continue or begin enjoying life at our facility. We offer recreational activities, art therapy, music therapy, an organic, nutrition-based menu and more.

While you may not be the one in your family suffering from addiction, you have been affected by seeing your loved one deal with the effects of addiction. Your have witnessed their struggles, seen them change and felt real pain when they chose drugs over you. An essential component to lasting recovery is having a strong support system. That’s why we incorporate family counseling in our program.

During family counseling, you and your loved one have the opportunity to address past hurts, heal them and move on to a brighter future. Not only will you mend broken bonds, but you’ll also learn new, more effective ways of communicating.

While you may not know first-hand what your loved one is experiencing, you can learn more about addiction. During family therapy, you can discover key points about the science behind addiction. When you have a better grasp of what your loved one is dealing with, you can provide them with better support.

Treatment for Rohypnol addiction in TN begins with pinpointing the relationships, environments and emotions that led to abuse and addiction. At JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program, we will then develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. This will empower you to regain control and create the life you deserve.

Learn How Our Rohypnol Treatment for Women Can Change Your Life for the Better

JourneyPure Women’s Professional Program is ready to help you or your loved one recover from the effects of Rohypnol addiction as well as any contributing mental health disorder.

While addiction is powerful, you can overcome it and achieve a brighter tomorrow. Contact us online or call 615-907-5928 today to get started on your better life.