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Deciding to recognize your addiction and seek help in breaking free from the substance-dependent lifestyle is a big step. It takes courage to admit you have made some mistakes and are heading down a wrong path. Taking responsibility for the poor choices you have made is not easy, but taking responsibility for creating a solution can be empowering.

Many people suffering from addiction feel as if they have no power over their lives. Every day seems like an endless stream of reactions to circumstances that offer no options. Often, the decision to seek help does not feel like a choice at all but rather the only option available to someone who is cornered with no way out.

Choosing rehab, whether you feel as if you had other options or not, is the first step in a series of important decisions you will make to get your life back on track. The next decision is choosing how to rehab, and there you definitely have choices.

Choices in Rehab Programs

Choosing the right rehab program can seem overwhelming at first. There are a lot of options out there. If you have no previous connection to the recovery world, you may not recognize the differences. Understanding the nuances of different types of rehab programs can help you find the best one for you.

Addiction recovery treatment includes a lot of different elements and can be delivered in a variety of settings. There is no real formula for recovery, because everyone’s situation is different. Although you may think your experience with alcohol is just like your mother’s or other family member’s, there are other factors that make your addiction unique.

Impact of Addiction: It Is All Around You

The effects of addiction are felt throughout your life, so addiction recovery has to deal with more than just your drugging behaviors. You may not realize this, but the problems you are having at work are a result of your habit. The fact that you have not had the same job for more than a year at a time is directly related to your addiction.

Relationship problems are addiction-related as well. People who struggle with addiction are not able to maintain healthy relationships. Those fights you have with your spouse may not be about alcohol, but they are alcohol-related.

Even your physical health has suffered as a result of your alcohol or drug abuse:

  • While you may think a good buzz makes you feel as if you can take on the world, it actually erodes your overall strength and physical health.
  • If you have frequent colds or other infections, those are signs of your immune system breaking down.
  • Nutrition often suffers during addiction, leading to malnourishment.

Your mental health is in play as well. After detox, many people discover the alcohol or drugs alone were not controlling their moods. There are often underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed for rehab to be successful.

A good rehab program addresses all of the aspects of your life and treats them simultaneously. Over time, you will see your life coming back together in a different way. You’ll no longer be dependent on substances. Instead, you’ll have new tools to conquer life stressors. You’ll also have a better outlook on life. Addiction recovery is about creating a healthy life all around.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Rehab programs can be divided into two categories: inpatient and outpatient. The major difference is with inpatient rehab, you live there until you get better.

Checking into inpatient rehab is like checking into a hotel. You pack a small bag and leave your life behind for a few weeks. All of your needs are met by the treatment facility, and all of your classes and therapies are delivered in that one location.

With inpatient rehab, the various aspects of your recovery program are designed and monitored in the same place. Your program manager is accessible to you on a regular basis and regularly monitors your progress. Any changes your progress requires can be made instantly.

Some people refer to addiction recovery like peeling an onion. What appears on the surface changes over time as you pull back the layers. A good rehab program changes as you grow and reach new milestones. Sometimes underlying mental health illnesses are not evident on check-in but reveal themselves over time. You may progress through a particular stage more quickly than most but require more intense work in another area.

benefits of inpatient rehab

Some of the key benefits of inpatient rehab include:

  • Protection from relapse dangers
  • Supportive community
  • Services under one roof
  • Access to program manager
  • Low-stress environment
  • Comfortable facilities

Advantages of Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab offers many advantages to someone facing the tough work of addiction recovery. It places you in a safe environment surrounded by others struggling with the same issue. In inpatient rehab, you quickly develop a support system, because everyone there understands some aspect of what you are going through.

Inpatient rehab also takes you out of your home environment, which may not be so supportive. In recovery, you learn how important it is to stay away from people who encourage your bad habits and places where it is easy to get drugs. When you are just starting your program, you do not yet have the skills to abstain from drugs while in your old familiar places. Inpatient rehab protects you until your recovery is strong enough.

Inpatient rehab provides a low-stress environment for your recovery. Stress is the number one relapse trigger for addiction. Recovery teaches you to reduce stress and manage it in healthy ways. These are very difficult lessons to learn while you are living in the midst of all of your life stresses, which may include:

  • Work
  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Household responsibilities
  • Volunteer work
  • Older family members to attend to

When you begin your recovery program, it is helpful to be able to turn off all of your stresses for a little while, so you can heal.

Self-care is another important part of addiction recovery that is easily handled with inpatient rehab. Most people suffering from addiction do not live healthy lives. Their habits, in fact, are often detrimental to themselves. Recovery teaches you how to take care of yourself and that it is okay — and even essential — to pamper yourself. Self-care is tied to self-worth, which is another common recovery issue.

Most inpatient treatment facilities are comfortable and pampering. The staff takes care of your basic needs, so you can focus on getting healthy. Whether they are located on a mountain or by the shore, these facilities usually include beautiful views and natural areas where you can walk and meditate. The soothing environment calms your nerves and relaxes your body.

What About a Free Rehab Clinic?

14,500 drug treatment facilities
There are 14,500 drug treatment facilities in the United States to serve the 23.5 million people in America addicted to drugs and alcohol. Recent research has shown an increased understanding of the addiction cycle and new methods of treatment. Given the high number of people facing addiction, as well as increases in drug production and trafficking around the world, the threat to public health is obvious.

Free rehab clinics have popped up in almost every community as an attempt to offer treatment to the millions of people struggling with addiction. These clinics offer detox and other services, and licensed providers run them. Unfortunately, they are at a disadvantage to the inpatient rehab programs, because they just cannot offer individualized programs and personal care.

The Cost of Addiction Rehab
Free rehab clinics do have some benefits, the first one being the cost. Free is a tempting offer, especially when it comes to any type of health care. Everyone always complains about the high cost of medical care. In many cases, though, it is true you get what you pay for.

Addiction is an all-encompassing disease that requires professional intervention to overcome. When you are fighting addiction, your whole life is at stake. You have to think about what that is worth to you. Your health is actually the single most important investment you can make, because, without it, you will not be able to spend your money on anything else.

good recovery program

A good addiction recovery program can save your life. Is that really something you want to take a chance on? When you are ready to enter rehab, you should be prepared to pay for it. You are worth it.

Number of People Served

Free drug rehab centers have to work efficiently to treat the number of patients they see. Part of that efficiency is offering a standard recovery program. They do not have the time or resources to evaluate each patient and design an individualized program for them. The treatment modalities they use are conventional, but no two people respond the same way to an addiction recovery program. Patients will succeed in their recovery but not at the same rate as when they have an individualized program.

A free rehab clinic also cannot offer as much oversight as inpatient rehab:

  • There is a lot more responsibility on the person struggling with addiction to follow up with treatments and bring any issues to the attention of the program manager. You really have to work the program.
  • With inpatient rehab, clients get much more personal attention. They are referred to by name, not a number, and they are treated as clients, not patients.

Personal attention might seem like an unnecessary luxury, and it can be when you are talking about buying a dress in a department store. But when it comes to medical care, especially mental health care, personal attention can make the difference in your successful treatment.

People who are suffering from addiction tend to make themselves invisible. They want to hide their habit and the guilt and shame that goes with it. For successful recovery, they need someone to reach out to them, not once or occasionally, but every day. They need to feel important, so they can learn to value themselves. It is too easy to get lost in a rehab center that is too busy for anyone to learn your name.

Getting the Whole Picture About Free Rehab

Another area where free rehab centers fall short is in holistic treatment. Free rehab tends to offer the basics for recovery. They have detox, some mental health therapies and group counseling. You attend the center for your scheduled meetings, and then you go home to your demanding kids, household responsibilities, nagging boss and pesky co-workers. There is nothing stopping you from dropping by the old haunts for a quick hit on the way home.

At inpatient rehab, your trip home is a walk down the hallway. Your colleagues are other people in addiction recovery who will hold you accountable for your behavior. You do not have access to alcohol, and if you do not show up to a group session, your program manager will visit you to make sure everything is okay. You will have this type of support 24 hours a day in inpatient rehab.

Free rehab clinics do not address the other aspects of your life and health that make up the complete picture. There are no meditation classes or other exercise programs. They do not feed you healthy meals or teach you about nutrition. Your program manager might suggest some of these things to you in your initial evaluation, but you would have to seek them out and address them on your own.

Attending fitness programs or nutrition classes outside of a rehab center is a little tricky, for several reasons:

  • You may be the only one in class who is recovering from addiction, so any addiction-sensitive topics will not be covered.
  • Your nutrition class might suggest wine pairings for certain meals, which could be very uncomfortable for you.
  • If you are bold enough to ask your nutrition teacher about common nutrient deficiencies for alcoholics, they might not know the answer.

Inpatient Rehab Versus Free Rehab Clinic

Beginning an addiction recovery program is an important decision that requires some understanding of how rehabilitation works. There is a lot of good information available today about the concept of addiction, the physical and psychological changes it creates and how to achieve success in overcoming it. There are also several treatment options to consider.

Free rehab centers offer the most obvious advantage to people suffering from addiction, and that is price. It is right up front in the name, and “free” is something that gets everyone’s attention. No matter who you are or what your circumstances, your life is worth more than “free.” You need to look beyond that to evaluate whether a free rehab clinic is right for you.

Inpatient rehab presents many advantages to the client who wants to overcome addiction. The comfortable, safe environment that takes you away from your immediate responsibilities for a while, so you can begin to heal is the first one that might get your attention. Individualized programs, holistic treatment and personal attention are also important considerations.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but someone recovering from addiction should be pampered. The early stages of recovery are the most difficult. Once the detox is completed, you are left with raw emotions and no way to process them at first. It is a very vulnerable time when you deserve the best care and attention you can get.

Recovery from addiction is a bold step that should be celebrated and nurtured. Achieving a successful long-term recovery and building a happy, healthy life, will be your greatest rewards.

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Thanks to our small client-to-staff-ratio, you’ll get the full support you need to uncover the factors that led to your addiction while developing healthy ways to deal with future life changes and stresses. In fact, we provide more one-on-one counseling than most everyone else in the industry.

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