Episodes of the Voyage: womens recovery podcast


Listen to episodes of The Voyage: Womens Addiction Podcast

Episodes of The Voyage: Women’s Recovery Podcast

Here you can listen to complete episodes of the Voyage: Professional Women’s Podcast. We feature female guests that are changing their lives through recovery. Whether their living in sobriety themselves or assisting other women through addiction and/or mental health treatment. Working to shine the spotlight on the need for better treatment, better resources, better access to information and care for women, we have launched The Voyage Podcast. Our podcast is a women’s professionals centered podcast promoting female empowerment for women who have been impacted by addiction in some way.

Cynthia Henderson - Voyage Women's Podcast

Ep. 1 – Cynthia Henderson

We sit down with JourneyPure’s Professional Programs liaison Cynthia Henderson. Cynthia has a life full of experiences from practicing law, to being a stay-at-home mom, and also being a professional women in recovery who now works in the treatment. For most female professionals, like the ones who attend the JourneyPure Professionals Program, success has created stress that eventually evolves into impairments, addictions, and compulsive behaviors. They have depended predominantly on the skills of intellect, willpower, and morality. The over-reliance on these skills for success damages their heart, their family, and their work. What works in their professional life doesn’t work in their emotional and spiritual life. Cynthia works with these professionals to find the best course of treatment.